In case when you order a product from us that is in perfect working condition but for some reason you are not satisfied with its performance, Headphone Zone allows you to return the product under the 7 Day Test Drive, Return and Exchange Policy. The products we thus receive, are unsealed products and in certain cases with physical damages and missing accessories. Thus, it reduces the sellability making it difficult for us to sell it at the same price as that of a new one.

Whenever anyone buys an electronic product, they expect to receive it in pristine, sealed condition. In fact, some people also want to save the packaging the product comes in. Therefore, people are reluctant to buy a unit that has already been unboxed.

We use the most efficient and trustworthy courier services to pick up the products quickly from you and ship them to our warehouse with utmost care and avoid any kind of damages in transit.

Products once unboxed, need extra care and maintenance before they can be sold again which is why there is a restocking and handling fee which is charged.