We try our best to have the entire return process be sorted out for you as quickly as possible. In all, from the time you first raise a return request to the time that you receive a replacement, it usually takes 7-12 days. Here's a quick break up of the process and how much time each step of the process takes.

Raising the return request: Once you've raised a return request, you should hear back from us by the next working day. We may have a few questions and clarifications that we may need before we go ahead and approve your return request. 

After approval: Once approved, you will receive an email informing you that your return request has been approved, along with a Pick-Up request form. You will need to enter your address and preferred date for pick-up. Once you've filled this in, we will have a ship label emailed to you at the earliest with instructions for the entire process to go smoothly. 

Pick-up: After your package has been picked up, it can take between 2-4 working days for it to reach us. It's usually the same amount of time it took for the product to be delivered to you. 

Inspection: Once the product has reached us, we will need 2-4 working days to have the product inspected and we will update you with the outcome of the inspection thereafter. 

After inspection: If you have raised a return via the 7-Day Test Drive, Return and Exchange policy, we will email you the store credit coupon immediately on receiving the inspection team's report. If you have raised a return via the 7-Day Replacement Guarantee, we will have a replacement unit sent out to you by courier to the address that you have shared with us. Once again, delivery can take between 2-4 working days.