Unsealed products are received only in cases when you have bought an unboxed product. We usually provide products in a brand new, sealed condition, unless specified otherwise. In case you have bought a brand new unit from us, it will usually come with a branded seal or a silver hologram sticker at the point where the box opens.

There are certain brands which do not come with a seal. In case there are no traces of the presence of a seal, you can get in touch with us and we will communicate with our warehouse to investigate if the brand itself does not provide a seal for its products or if there was a glitch. 

In a situation where you can clearly tell that the seal has been broken, chances are that the package has been fidgeted with after it was sent from us and while it was with the courier company.

We do understand that having someone else open your parcel and probably fidgeting with it can be upsetting and we would like to help you out as much as possible. In such a case, we will need cooperation from your end by sending us images and videos that explicitly denote the damage. An investigation will be run with the courier company from our end alone using the details sent by you. We will make sure that you are in no way involved in the same.

We will thereafter very quickly pick up the product from you and make sure that a brand new sealed unit of the product ships out to you at the earliest.