Sometimes, in the case of headphones and earphones with detachable parts, only one part may be found with a manufacturing defect. By manufacturing defect we mean, any technical flaw that affects the functionality of a device or headset.

In such cases, to ensure that your headset is fully functional, we will replace that defective part. Usually, such parts tend to be an accessory.

Here are a few cases where only one part may be replaced:

  • Detachable Cables: Some IEMs and headphones come with detachable cables. At times, only the cable may be defective while the headphone/earbuds work perfectly. In such a situation, replacing the cable should solve the issue.
  • USB Charging Cable: If your headphone/earphone’s USB charging cable is malfunctioning, the cable can be replaced. You can easily check whether there is a problem with the charging cable by using a standard USB charging cable.
  • Cases & Carry Pouches: If the case that comes with your headset is defective, Eg. the zipper is stuck, we can easily replace it.
  • Damaged Earpads: If the earpads are defective/damaged on unboxing, they can be replaced. 

Please Note: If a part is not readily available, we will have to contact the brand for the same. This may take some time and we will be able to give you a more realistic timeline once we get an update from the brand. 

What you should do in such a scenario:

  1. If your headphone/earphone is not working as it should, first check whether it is a compatibility issue or manufacturing defect.
  2. If you are convinced that it has a manufacturing defect, you can raise a replacement request via our 7-Day Replacement Guarantee.

Ok, what next?

We do realise that getting a product that isn't entirely functional can be frustrating. Therefore we take full responsibility of it and strive to make our return and replacement process as easy as possible. 

Once your request has been approved, we will pick-up your product. Our Warehouse experts will inspect your product. If only a part is found defective (as given in the examples above), it will be replaced and your product will be shipped back to you.