The Headphone Zone team works hard to ensure that customers get not only high-quality products but also great service. This extends to our policies as well. We do understand that getting a defective product can be frustrating as well as upsetting. Hence, if a customer receives a defective product, we take full responsibility of it and our Customer Happiness Officers step in to ensure that he/she gets a replacement with minimal effort.

All manufacturing defects are audio related. Each and every product we sell are new and come in sealed boxes (unless stated otherwise). Hence, we are unable to check them for defects before shipping in out to you. However, there may be a possibility of a customer receiving a defective piece. (By defective we mean Manufacturing Defects i.e. sound imbalance, one side of the headphone not working, mic not working, etc.)

What is this policy about:

Whether the product is defective as soon as the customer unboxes it or if he/she encounters a defect within 7 days of delivery, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. As soon as the 7-Day Replacement Guarantee request is raised, we will take the entire responsibility of picking-up the product, inspecting it as well as replacing it at the earliest.

How does it work?

Step 1: Raise a request - If you want to return your product. You can simply raise a return request here. After you have raised the return request, we will take up to 24 hours to approve it.

Step 2: Pickup - Once your return request is approved, we will have it picked up.

Step 3: Inspection - Once it reaches our warehouse, we take 2 business days to inspect it for the defect you have mentioned.

Step 4: Get a Replacement - If the defect is found, we will ship a replacement. In the case of only one part being defective (Eg. the detachable cable of an IEM or headphone), only that part will be replaced seamlessly and NOT repaired. In other cases where the entire headphone/earphone is defective, it will be replaced with a new and sealed unit.

What you have to do:  

Fill in the here, pack your product in a cardboard box and sit back & relax. In a few cases, we will need additional photos of the defective product to better understand the case.

Please Note: The 7-Day Replacement Guarantee does not cover physical damages. It is effective only till the 7th day after delivery.