We, at Headphone Zone, try our level best to ensure we help you at every stage of your purchase. We understand that buying headphones and earphones requires personally listening to them. Though we offer the Home Audition program on select products, it’s difficult for us to provide you a demo of all our products. Our Headphone Gurus are just one ticket away to help you pick out the right gear for you according to your listening preference. But, the way in which music is heard, varies from person to person. Therefore, it is natural for a device to be absolutely loved by one and hated by another. This is why we have the 7 Day Test Drive, Return and Exchange Policy.

We let our customers try out their headphones or earphones extensively for 7 days allowing them enough burn-in time to know if they are completely satisfied with their purchase.

Please Note: This policy is NOT applicable on Customized products, Comply, earpads, Smartwrap, pre-owned products, products bought on Dropzone and products bought in a flash sale.

How does it work?

Step 1: Raise a request - If you want to return your product. You can simply raise a return request here. After you have raised the return request, we will take up to 24 hours to approve it.

Step 2: Pickup - Once your return request is approved, we will have it picked up.

Step 3: Inspection - Once it reaches our warehouse, we take 2 business days to inspect it. The product returned should have all the accessories, original packaging and be in 100% working condition as it was when delivered with no physical damage.

Step 4: Store Credit on Inspection of the Product - We immediately give you store credit in the form of a coupon code via email after deducting 15% from the amount paid as Restocking and Handling fee. (Do note: We do not offer full or partial refund for products returned under this policy).

Ok, what’s next?

After receiving the store credit, you can take your own sweet time to choose the best product suitable for you from our collection.

Reach out to us by submitting a ticket about the kind of music you listen to and what you are looking for in a headphone and we will help you pick out the right gear!

Please Note: 

  1. You can return a product only once. Returns for the second time under this policy will not be accepted.

  2. If the product does not have all the accessories and is physically damaged, we cannot accept it under this policy.