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MEE Audio promises to deliver superior quality headphones at surprisingly affordable prices, disrupting an industry where price hiking and design shortcuts are the norms. They truly want you to hear what artists intended you to hear while protecting your ears.  In the unlikely event that the MEE Audio product develops a manufacturing defect within the warranty period, please submit the form below. All you gotta do is make sure that the issue with your product is eligible for a warranty claim. 

Please note that all the purchases made in India which are sold directly or indirectly by Headphone Zone will be accepted for warranty



MEE Audio's Warranty Period is  2 Year from the Date of Invoice for the following product.

  • MEE Audio - Pinnacle P1


MEE Audio's Warranty Period is 1 Year from the date of Invoice for the following products.

  • MEE Audio - X10
  • MEE Audio - X5 (2nd Gen)
  • MEE Audio - X6 (2nd Gen)
  • MEE Audio - M6 Pro (2nd Gen)
  • MEE Audio - MX Pro
  • MEE Audio - Connect Bluetooth Transmitter

What does the warranty cover?

What’s Eligible?

Manufacturing Defects

  • One side not working
  • Both sides not working
  • Channel imbalance
  • Crackling Sound
  • Mic/Remote not working
  • Any other manufacturing defect

What’s Not Eligible?

Physical Damages

  • Wear and tear from usage
  • Cosmetic flaws
  • Wire/cord tearing
  • Damages to accessories
  • Any other accidental damage
  • Natural disasters or animal related damages

How to claim warranty?

The Process

Step One: Fill the Warranty Claim Request Form below by sharing with us all the necessary details -  defect, invoice, model name, etc. Once we get your request, we will get back to you in a day's time. 

Step Two: Once your claim request is approved, a unique WCID (Warranty Case Id) number will be issued to your case. Once it's approved, the faulty unit has to be couriered to us by the customer.

Step Three: Once the unit is received by us, we shall start the inspection process and get back to you. We shall thoroughly inspect the unit for the issues that you have highlighted and will share an inspection status. At this stage, we will check where the issue is and if replacing the defective part of the unit can fix the overall issue This entire process can take up to 7 working days.

Step Four: After the final inspection, we will either send your unit back in working condition or send you another working unit of the same model. If a replacement unit is unavailable, we will have to wait for the stocks to arrive and then ship out your replacement unit. If the model has been discontinued, the replacement unit will be the successor model as defined by the brand. The unit will be sent to the address mentioned in the form.


Keep In Mind

Under warranty claim for this brand in India, we are unable to offer any service with respect to repairing the unit. We can only provide a replacement under a warranty claim. 

Refunds or Store credits are strictly not allowed under warranty claims.

In order for us to proceed with an approved warranty claim request, the customer needs to bear the shipping charges of sending the unit to us.

If the inspection status validates your issue with the unit, we will ship a working replacement unit to you at our own cost. 

What will we offer for Discontinued products?

For discontinued products, we will offer successor models as directed by the brand. 

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