Pairing the Skullcandy Sesh

1. Remove your Sesh earbuds from the package
2. Place them in the charging case, and make sure the LEDs on both earbuds turn red, then close the case.
3 .Now remove your earbuds from the case.
4. This process will automatically turn Sesh on and put it into pairing mode. You can then select Sesh from your device’s list of Bluetooth devices

Resetting the Skullcandy Sesh

Click here for reset video; Skull candy sesh reset

1. Turn the Bluetooth on your (mobile or computer) device OFF
To ensure ease of re-pairing, please unpair or forget your SESH in your paired Bluetooth device list
Power on ONLY your LEFT SESH bud by simply removing it from the case. It will be in a NON_CONNECTED or non-paired state due to Bluetooth being off on your device. Leave the other RIGHT bud is in the case

2. Press the button 6 times (see below diagram). The LED will flash RED and this will automatically rest and power off the ear bud. Place the LEFT earbud back in the case
Repeat steps 3-4 with ONLY the RIGHT SESH bud
Next, pull the SESH buds from the case to have them automatically power on and start the process of paring to one another

3.You will hear one beep indicating the buds have paired together, the LED on the LEFT bud will flash RED and BLUE indicating it has entered into pairing mode
At this time, turn your device’s Bluetooth back on and re-pair it to your SESH buds. You will hear a voice prompt that will notify you that it is now “Connected”