Pairing the Urbanista - Berlin

  1. To turn Berlin on, press the logo button for 5 seconds. 

  2. Berlin will be on and it will go into sync mode. The LED indicator will constantly shift from red to blue while in sync mode. 

  3. Open the Bluetooth settings on your phone and click on “Urbanista Berlin” in “Available devices”. And, voila,
    you’re connected!

Resetting the Urbanista - Berlin

  1. Please remove/'forget' your Urbanista headphones/earphones from all previously paired devices (mobile phones, computer, etc.)

  2. Turn off your Urbanista headphones and charge them.

  3. When off, press and hold down the power button/multi-function button for at least 10 seconds. During the first 3-5 seconds, the headphones will "power on" -- continue to hold down -- after 10-15 seconds you will hear a "beep beep beep" signal and see the lights flash to indicate the headphones have reset.

  4. After resetting, charge the headphones (15 minutes to ensure they have good supply of charge), and then you should be able to simply turn them on and find them like they are fresh out the box!