1. The first time you switch on your headphones,Bluetooth pairing mode will be enabled,the indicator will flash blue. If pairing mode is not enabled, please slide and hold the power switch to the upper (Bluetooth Icon)position for 5 seconds, let go when the indicator blinks blue and when an audible cue
is presented.

2. Ensure the Bluetooth feature is enabled on the audio device, PX7 will appear in the discovery
list,select it to pair.

3. The indicator will flash blue while pairing is in progress,this will change to solid blue and an                  audible cue presented when pairing is successful. 


You can clear the paired device history and restore all settings to their defaults. With PX7 powered on,simultaneously hold the Volume +, Volume - and Noise Cancellation buttons for 10 seconds until the indicator LED extinguishes, let go when the indicator lights up again,the headphones will be ready to pair to a device. Alternatively, you can reset from the Bowers & Wilkins Headphones app, please see Reset under Settings in the app