Pairing the V-MODA - Forza Metallo Wireless

PAIRING AND CONNECTING WITH A NEW BLUETOOTH DEVICE When pairing with one, two or more Bluetooth devices, perform the following pairing procedure every time you pair a new device.

1. Press the power button to turn on the headphones. Power on tone plays, headband vibrates, battery level orange LED flashes, then white LED flashes twice every second and pairing tone plays. Your headphones are in pairing mode.

2. Check your Bluetooth device and connect your headphones. Once “V-MODA Forza” appears in the “new/available Bluetooth devices” section of your phone/Bluetooth device, select it to begin pairing. If passkey input is required on the display of a Bluetooth device, type “0000”.

3. Ready to rock. When the Bluetooth connection is established, connected tone plays and white LED on your headphones stays lit.

Troubleshooting the V-MODA - Forza Metallo Wireless

Make sure headphones are not connected to the charger and they are powered on - Turn off the headphones and turn them on again.

  1. Remember to turn on the Bluetooth feature on your device.

  2. Turn off the Bluetooth feature on any other device which has been previously paired.

  3. Reset paired devices history by pressing and holding Volume + and Volume - for 3 seconds.

  4. Try to pair with another device to make sure that both the headphones and your Bluetooth device are working properly.

  5. Go to Bluetooth settings and select “V-MODA Forza"