Any kind of minor or major changes are possible to your order as long as it hasn’t been dispatched from our warehouse.  Any kind of changes are extremely difficult once the order has been dispatched. 

Address Changes:
1. Complete change of address - Different city, different state:
It will be impossible to do any kind of changes quickly to your address post dispatch if you want to change the address completely. For example, if you’ve originally asked for the item to be delivered in Mumbai and the address change is that of another city like Delhi or Bangalore. In such a situation we would first have to check if the other pincode is serviceable by the same courier company and the delay in redirecting the parcel can’t be estimated accurately. A better solution would be to put the parcel on hold and request for delivery on a later date in case you’ll be available at the original address within a few days. Or if you can be patient, then we’ll redirect the parcel and have it delivered if the new address is serviceable by the courier company.

2. Minor address change - Within the same city:
If you’re wanting to change the address to another address within the same city or want to add a missing landmark/area location that is currently missing from your shipping address, it should be possible but with a delay of a day or two. This can happen if you want your product delivered to your office instead of your home & vice versa or you've forgotten to mention your complete address.

Order Item Changes:
If you would like a different color variant of the same price or you would like to replace the items in your order with items of equal value, these changes can only happen if your order hasn’t been shipped out yet. If you would like to add items to your order and its already shipped, you can just place another order and we’ll have it shipped out to you.