Before sending a claim request make sure you have the following:

As each brand has a different procedure for claiming a warranty, check out the warranty page for further procedures.

For brands whose service partner is not Headphone Zone:

  • On the brand warranty page, we have provided the contact details of your brand's service partner. 
  • Contact the service partner with your Headphone Zone invoice to claim the warranty
  • In case you are having difficulty in getting a resolution, you can contact us and we will escalate the matter

For brands whose service partner is Headphone Zone:

  • Fill the warranty claim form on the brand warranty page in as much detail as possible
  • Once your claim has been approved, you will get a Warranty Case ID (WCID)
  • Courier your product with the WCID on your parcel
  • Wait for 7 to 10 days as we inspect it
  • We find the manufacturing defect
  • If possible, we repair the product
  • We send you your repaired unit/replacement :)