Once your device has been picked-up, it is brought to our warehouse in Chennai where our inspection team checks it. Depending on the policy under which your product has been returned, the checking is done in either of the two ways:

For the 7 Day Replacement Guarantee:

Under this policy, our inspection team will check for the defects you have specifically mentioned when raising the return request. Please be specific about what the issue is (mic not working, sound imbalance, connectivity issues, dead on arrival, etc). The more you elaborate, the smoother the inspection process will be.

At least two source devices are used when testing a product to ensure that there is actually a manufacturing defect and not a compatibility issue.

For products with replaceable parts, the team checks for defective ones and only that part is replaced (whenever possible). If the entire product is defective, then it is replaced with a brand new product.

Some examples of how the inspection is done:

  • Issues with mic: If you feel that there is an issue with your earphone's mic, our team will make calls with the earphone to test the mic.
  • Detachable cables: To check if there is a problem with the detachable cable, the headphone/earphone is tested with the defective cable as well as another working one.
  • Connectivity issues: The headset is connected to different devices link a laptop, phone, iPhone, etc. to check for connectivity issues. 

For the 7 Day Test Drive, Return and Exchange Policy:

For products returned under the 7 Day Test Drive, Return and Exchange Policy, our inspection team will check the following only:

  • Whether the product is working and has no physical damages
  • All accessories that were originally sent along with the product are intact
  • The packaging is intact