Authorized Service Partner: Headphone Zone

All Empire Ears products are engineered for durability; in the unlikely event that an Empire Ears product develops a fault within the warranty period, please complete & submit the form below. All Empire Ears products come with International Warranty. Empire Ears offers its 2 Year Manufacturing Warranty for Custom IEM's and 1 year of Manufacturing Warranty for Universal IEM's in India through its Authorized Service Partner Headphone Zone.  All you gotta do is make sure that the issue with your product is eligible for warranty claim.


Empire Audio's Warranty Period is 1 Year from the Date of Invoice for all Universal IEM's and 2 Years for Custom IEM's excluding accessories such as the Mixed Eartips & Mixed Filters.


What does the warranty cover?

What’s Eligible?

Manufacturing Defects

  • One side not working
  • Both sides not working
  • Channel imbalance
  • Crackling Sound
  • Mic/Remote not working
  • Any other manufacturing defect

What’s Not Eligible?

Physical Damages

  • Wear and tear from usage
  • Cosmetic flaws
  • Wire/cord tearing
  • Damages to accessories
  • Any other accidental damage
  • Natural disasters or animal related damages

How to claim warranty?

The Process

Step One: Fill the Warranty Claim Request Form below by sharing with us all the necessary defect, invoice and model details, and then wait for 1 working day for us to approve your request.

Step Two: Once your claim request is approved, a unique RA (Return Authorization) number will be issued to your case. The customer is expected to ship the unit to us and mention their RA number on the parcel.

Step Three: Once the unit is received by us, please wait for 7 working days for us to inspect the unit for all the issues you may have highlighted. We will share an inspection status with you once we have tested the unit thoroughly.

Step Four: If the inspection status validates your issue, we will send you a working replacement unit of the same model. If a replacement unit is unavailable or the model has been discontinued then we will send you the successor model. The unit will be sent to the address mentioned in the form.


Keep In Mind

Under warranty claim for this brand in India, we are unable to offer any service in respect to repairing the unit. We can only provide a replacement under warranty claim. Refunds are strictly not allowed under warranty claim.

In order for us to proceed with an approved warranty claim request, the customer needs to bear the shipping charges of sending the unit to us. Once the unit is received, it takes up to 7 Business Days for the inspection process to complete and for us to respond to you with the Inspection Status for your unique RA.

If the inspection status validates your issue with the unit, we will ship the working replacement unit to you at our own cost. In case the same model is unavailable for a replacement, we will send the successor model's replacement instead.

Raise a Warranty Claim here:

Frequently Asked Questions



I don’t have my invoice available, what do I do?

If you’ve bought the product from Headphone Zone webstore, it shouldn’t be a problem, but if you’ve bought it from any other offline store or online portal, we won’t be able to accept your warranty claim request.

Over a period of time, my wire is tearing, does that count as a defect?

No, any wear and tear on account of usage or rigorous use over a period of time is not eligible as a defect under warranty claim.

What is a manufacturing defect?

A manufacturing defect is defect in a product or a part that was not intended. It’s a defect that usually occurs all of a sudden and does not account for any defects caused due to incidental damages. For example- Audio dysfunctioning on account of tugging at the wire.

When does my warranty period start?

The warranty period starts from the date mentioned on the invoice, which is why the invoice copy is imperative for you to claim warranty. 

I don’t have all the accessories or packaging that I originally received?

Shouldn’t be a problem. Please mention the same while raising a warranty claim.

Can my warranty be extended?

With headphones, that option is usually not available.

My product has stopped working and it’s out of warranty period, what can I do?

In that case we’d suggest you get in touch with the brand directly as we don’t have the technical expertise to repair or fix the products as such, even if you’d be willing to spend an amount fixing it. In case of cosmetic issues or accessories like cables dysfunctioning, you can look for spares available for purchase to fix the issue. In case the brand asks for the product to be shipped to them, you’ll have to bear the shipping charges for the same.


Claim Process

How long will it take for me to get my replacement?

The entire process should take you roughly 10-14 working days. Most no. of days go in the product travelling across the country from and back to you. Usually it takes 3-4 working days each way with the couriers plus 2-3 working days to inspect and have your replacement sent out.

Do y’all pick up the product?

No we don’t. The shipping charges are to be borne by the customer while sending the defective product. You can choose any cost effective courier like SpeedPost or DTDC without any additional cost of insurance. Once you’ve shipped the product please update us with the tracking ID.

What if I’ve not mentioned the RMA no on the package while sending it?

The reason we ask for the RMA no to be mentioned is for easy tracing of your parcel for the case. If you’ve not mentioned it, please let us know in advance so that we can inform the warehouse to avoid any delay that might be caused while trying to identify your parcel.

Can y’all send the replacement when I ship the product to you?

Without inspecting the product we won’t be able to issue a replacement to you. Replacements will be issued only if the defect as mentioned has been detected. 

How long will it take for the inspection process?

We take 7 business days to inspect the product.

What if the defect I mentioned is not found at the time of inspection?

In that case we will inform you about the same and understand the problem better to re-inspect the product in a different manner if needed and accordingly update you with a status. Replacements will be issued only if the defect as mentioned has been detected.



I have claimed warranty twice or thrice already, can I get a refund instead of a replacement?

Unfortunately that won’t be possible. Under a warranty claim process, ONLY replacements are strictly issued, as many times various issues may arise during the warranty claim process. We’re not in a position to predict how long a product will last and whether a particular issue might arise with the replacement unit issued. We can understand the frustration, we can only support with timely replacements.

What if the model I’m claiming warranty for has been discontinued or isn’t available with Headphone Zone to provide a replacement?

In that case you will be given its replacement or successor model.

What if the entire product is not defective?

In case of products with replaceable parts, only the defective part can also be replaced instead of the entire unit. For eg - if the cable alone is faulty, that alone will be replaced.

What if the replaceable part is not readily available?

Sometimes the spares or replaceable parts have to be procured from the brand, that can take a few weeks depending on the product and brand. A more realistic timeline will be given to you when case arises and after getting an update from the brand. 

How will the replacement unit be sent to me?

It will be sent via courier to the address entered while filling the Warranty Claim Form.

Will I get a new unit as replacement?

Yes you will get a new sealed unit.