Once you have raised the return request with us, the next step is for us to see if your return request is eligible for the return and approve it accordingly. Once approved, we will arrange a pick up for your product that you wish to return and the pick up will happen within 2 to 3 working days, post-approval. We use the fastest and the most efficient courier company to pick up units from our customers to expedite the process as much as we can. 

What you need to do before pick-up?

All you need to do is pack the earphones in the cardboard box with the original packaging and all accessories that were received by you. You can use the same brown box in which the product was originally delivered to you. Kindly ensure that there is nothing stuck on the cardboard box and also remove the old ship label to avoid any address confusion. Be sure that the box is well-taped and properly sealed. 

For the pick-up to happen without any hassle we would request you to keep the following points in mind:

1) Make sure that someone is available at the pickup address with the product to hand it over to the courier boy. In case, you wish you to change the pickup address, you get an option to change the pickup address before submitting the return request.  

2) Make sure you mention the RET number on the cardboard box so that it is easier for our warehouse to identify your case and conduct the relevant inspection process. 

3) Let us know if the pick-up is not done in the mentioned timeline and we will have that pick-up rescheduled for you.

4) Ensure that you hand over the parcel to the correct courier person. For example, if we have scheduled a pick up via Blue Dart, be sure to hand over the parcel to the Blue Dart Courier associate and take the acknowledgment receipt from the courier person. 

There is no way for us to give an exact time as to when will the courier boy come to pick up the product, they generally come between 2pm-7pm to pick-up the product. Also, the courier company does not share the contact details of the courier boy who will be coming to pick up the product.